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This week its all about NTFs and the UX challenges around them

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We have launched a bunch of videos for our Podcast, Design Huddle, featuring me and Ryan Warrender.

This week we talk NFTs. NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” Similar to a Bitcoin token, you trade it for real money at a varying market value. However, unlike Bitcoin, each NFT is unique.

The token that says you own something, like an art piece, you trade it, however, if you do, you’ll be getting an entirely different piece. It is essentially enforced scarcity, which in turn is supposed to drive up value.

But is it all what its made up to be?

Are NFTs the emperors clothes or a way for artists to make money

My general feeling is there is an opportunity to do something fun with NFTs but sadly, for now anyways, is mostly people trying to make a quick buck.

We come up with a concept of a UX app that could enable designers and artists

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